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Caught on Film: Christian Svinddal Documents the Streets of Oslo

Christian Svinddal walks us through this multicultural city, where winter fashions are paraded along streets of Neoclassic and Modernist architecture.

Caught on Film: Max Lieberman Documents a Colourful Jabalpur

For our second instalment of Caught on Film, Max Lieberman takes us to the vibrant beating heart of India: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Eight years of documenting everyday life culminates in an ongoing series of intimate and honest images of locals, rituals and pastel-coloured homes.

Caught on Film: Jill Schweber Documents a Modern Tel Aviv

In this new series, we ask some of our favourite photographers about the cities they've so intimately photographed. For our first, Jill Schweber takes us to Tel Aviv, where the old and new contrast at every corner.