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Anna Snoekstra is a writer living in Melbourne, Australia. She has written short films and independent theatre and had non-fiction published by The Guardian and Filmme Fatales. Her debut novel Only Daughter was published in twenty countries in 2016. Her second novel Little Secrets is out November 2017. / T: @annasnoekstra / I: @snoekstra

The Art of Capturing Taiwan; the Craft of Translating It

Anna Snoekstra speaks with author Wu Ming-Yi and his translator Darryl Sterk about language, Taiwan’s history and the translation of Ming-Yi’s latest novel “The Stolen Bicycle.”

The Sounds of Tokyo; a City of Records

Anna Snoekstra guides us through the city’s unmarked independent record shops and music megastores in search of those rare finds.

‘Famiglia’: a Tale Told Through Food

Food, over family, brings the characters together in Natalia Ginzburg’s 1977 dissection of the Roman middle-class.

Working as a Literary Agent in New York—a City Where Books Live and Breathe

Novelist Anna Snoekstra turns the tables on her literary agent, MacKenzie Fraser-Bub, to discover the city’s literary highlights, what she’s looking for in a manuscript, and the hidden parks where one can find a little solitude.