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Evie Cahir is an illustrator and artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. / I: @_eviecahir_

Ferries Departed

Ender Baskan recalls the enchanting cross-continental journey aboard Istanbul’s nostalgic ferries.

Day of the (Living) Dead

Anthropologist Jemimah Widdicombe explores the complexities in New Caledonia’s Fête des Morts, where a relationship with the deceased is an important part of living.

How Jews Resisted a Baking Ban; the History of the Bagel

Marta Skrabacz looks back over the story of the bagel: from its 500 years of Polish-Jewish history to its journey from Krakow to Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Keeping Luxembourgish (‘Lëtzebuergesch’) Living

From its time under French rule to its period occupied by Nazi Germany, Martina Hoffmann looks into the complex history that contributes to the threat of Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch) language, and the strategies in place to keep it alive.

A Taste of Spain: How Tapas Took over the World

With an international spread of World Tapas Day events on 15 June, Molly McLaughlin investigates the origins of a concept that, not just the Spanish, but people from all over the world have developed an appetite for.

Yangon: Conversations About Art

Writer Michelle Aung Thin returns to her birthplace, Myanmar, to find an experimental art scene flourishing in the country’s former capital post the abandonment of nation-wide formal censorship.

A Culinary Intersection Between Aboriginal and Asian Cultures

Eugenia Flynn explains how her culture played out in the kitchen, pantry and on the plate when she was growing up. From Bluchung (a potent condiment consisting of chilli, shrimp paste and aromatics) to Numus (white fish pickled in lemon juice), her stories speak of how food so intimately connects us to our culture, past and home.