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Liz Rowland is a British illustrator now based in Melbourne, Australia. Her inspiration comes from a mixture of adventure, nostalgia and a yearning to understand more about the world we live in. / T: @_lizrowland / I: @lizrowland

The Baby Carrier: a Child’s First Country

Marita Davies explores the evolution of baby carriers around the globe, from Papua New Guinea’s bilum to Borneo’s gendongan, these pioneering designs symbolise the places we call home.

The Light and Dark of Diwali

Amongst the fireworks, street stalls and sparklers, Liz Rowland captures the personal stories and challenges of the annual festival that commemorates the victory of light over darkness, good over evil.

The Magic of Mexico City’s Underground Metro

Along with five million other daily commuters, Molly McLaughlin takes a ride on Mexico City’s metro, where creativity and organised chaos shine.