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Marita Davies is an Australian/I-Kiribati writer. A storyteller at heart, Marita explores Pacific issues including women, health, domestic violence and climate change. She is passionate about recreating the animated and insightful oral storytelling of Pacific Islanders in written form. Marita is a children’s book author and has written for frankie, The Big Issue and Dumbo Feather. / T: @thelittleisland / I: @maritarose

Destroying Presumptions and Telling Stories with Sisonke Msimang

Marita Davies speaks with author Sisonke Msimang about her memoir ‘Always Another Country’ and her perspectives on issues that unite communities all over the world: education, class systems, privilege, racism and gender.

The Baby Carrier: a Child’s First Country

Marita Davies explores the evolution of baby carriers around the globe, from Papua New Guinea’s bilum to Borneo’s gendongan, these pioneering designs symbolise the places we call home.

Editorial / Kiribati

“The canoe is part of who the Kiribati people are—it is their culture, their respect for the ocean and their family members all encompassed into one structure.”

Marita Davies in Te Wa, Kiribati’s Way to the Water