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Tessa Chong is a Melbourne-based illustrator/animator/designer/Hot Chip lover. Working mainly in gouache, she is inspired by unusually dressed strangers in the street and the small absurdities in everyday life. / T: @tessa_chong / I: @tessachong

Welcome to the Jungle: A View of the Los Angeles Art Scene

Curator Annika Kristensen gives us a drive-by tour of LA’s up-and-coming art scene. Through visits to The Broad, 356 Mission, Chinatown and beyond, Annika attempts to make sense of this city built on clichés; a city once described by Jack Kerouac, and later immortalised by the Guns N’ Roses, as a “jungle.”

Harlem: New York’s Centre for Black Thought and Creativity

For journalist and documentary filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe, the pulse of New York City lies in Harlem: a black mecca home to the legendary Apollo Theater, Studio Museum in Harlem and some of the best African American cuisine on the island.